I was eight years old when I learned from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that my family was on the hit list of a recently deposed tyrannical Southeast Asian third world dictator.

I was ten years old when I was shown the antique pistol my great grandfather Alvin used to kill a man in El Paso, Texas who was suspected of stealing from his silver mines.

I was fifteen years old when I found myself taking black and white photographs of wayward punks and smashing a sledgehammer through the eastern side of The Berlin Wall.

I was seventeen hours into being eighteen years old when I stepped out upon the front stoop to find that my neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles was exploding into a societal and literal firestorm.

Today, culling from a long list of influences - Kricfalusi to Kubrick, Bakshi to Bass, Darrow to Daguerre, Hubley to Harryhausen, Twain to... - my approach to art, animation and visual development lingers through time and meanders across media. With a process that traverses back and forth between the digital and the analog worlds incorporating illustration, painting, photography, collage, printmaking and design - the symbiotic end result remains both harmonious and tense. Thematically and visually self-reflective of contemporary society and all of it’s fame and follies, notions of nostalgia across both the urban and suburban landscapes are present allowing an off kilter and inquisitive, sometimes disturbing, fond familiarity to exist.  Alternate and fantastical realities with pop cultural homages coupled with the sting from a crack upon the world's funny bone are presented.  A hand drawn style of animation placed among photographic elements, found imagery, graphic shapes and painterly marks creates a tone and narrative about us and the spaces we inhabit.